BeYouTiful Women's Expo

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Event Speakers

Carol-Chantal Seguin

Time: 11:15 to 11:45

Description: The Law of Attraction.. Manifesting a New Life.. 


The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful laws in the universe. What you think about is what you bring about into your life. You can improve your life drastically by improving the thoughts that you dwell upon and the actions that you take.The Law of Attraction is no scary science or heavy philosophy – it is all about turning good intentions into positive action. It really is as simple as that. Simple exercises like filling your thoughts, words and energies with positivity and possibility, knowing exactly what it is that you want and then simply ‘allowing’ the universe to flow.

Anne Thibodeau

Time: TBD

Description: 7 Ways to kick your sugar habit

Kishara Hudson-Busbridge

Time: TBA