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Event Speakers

February 2024

(September 7th Speakers TBA)

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10:30am to 11am - Andreea Modrea

"Blood sugar management made easy"

Simple food and lifestyle hacks to help you manage blood sugar for long-term health and weight loss.


11:15am to 11:45am - Monica

Protect and preserve your health with high performance natural antioxidant

Our health has been deteriorating for the past two decades, due to the climate, food processing and pollution from chemicals and radiation. Free radicals from pollution, UV exposure and pesticides can damage our DNA. As well, studies show that chronic inflammation leads to serious health concerns that can include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mental health problems, arthritis and liver issues. For years, lignans (plant nutrients) from our foods have protected our bodies from this potential harm. Unfortunately, modern lifestyle has eliminated most of the lignans from our diets. The solution is to augment our lignan-poor food sources with a supplement that boosts their ability to neutralize free radicals and address chronic inflammation. Fountain of Life (FOL) accesses the power of the spectrum of lignans from the Norwegian Spruce Tree. Its incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties serve to supplement our nutrient-poor, refined foods. Powerful testimonials have been reported by many people worldwide who are using the Fountain of Life as a natural antioxidant supplement. 


1pm to 1:30pm - Carol-Chantal

We would like to welcome Carol-Chantal Seguin


Most people know Carol-Chantal as the founder of WOW World of Women Social Network, however recently she came out of the closet and embarked on a Spiritual Awakening Journey! In 2020 after doing an Orgonite Workshop with a friend, they started talking about what gifts they did not share publicly and both decided to start sharing their gifts for receiving Spiritual Messages and every Sunday for almost one year and a half gave Sunday nightly messages to attendees in an online zoom platform.

What started as a fun evening of sharing messages, sparked something in Carol-Chantal to share publicly her GIFTS of *Knowing*. She definitely came out of the Closet! Took her broom out and is now flying high creating more Spiritual Awakening evenings & Woo Infinity Spiritual Summit events along with keeping her WOW social network thriving!

Two year ago she created a FB group called Spiritual Awakening Enlightenment Journey and every Mondays she gives FREE Spiritual Sessions where she shares her gifts, research different topics every week for one hour of discussions, revelations, knowledge and intuitive readings to help the community of individuals that always have a thirsts for their Spiritual Awakening Enlightenment journeys! These group sessions benefit those who are searching for guidance in a more intuitive, fun and interactive way to navigate their enlightenment in Life & help on their Spiritual Journey.

Carol-Chantal is a renowned Psychic, Medium and Clair’s and a Law of Attraction Wealth Mindset Mentor with a 4 week program to get you profitable! (Her Talk will be on this Law)

You can connect with her for more information via email at or for any questions. You can also message her on Messenger : Carol-Chantal Seguin founder of WOW World of Women Social Network and co-founder of Woo Infinity Spiritual Summit

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1:45pm to 2:15pm - Maria Cherkasskaya

Non-traditional Time Management

Maria is an entrepreneur and a first-generation immigrant from Russia, currently residing in Ottawa. She is driven by a mission to empower and educate individuals in the pursuit of their life and business goals. That's why she created personal growth and development community for ladies in Canada. 


Maria is also a business mentor specializing in implementing systems and strategies for online entrepreneurs to create consistent profit in business. As the owner of two businesses, she used her own unique time management system that allows you to have it all!


Maria loves hosting events, both online and offline, to connect people and create a welcoming and supportive environment. 

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2:30pm to 3pm - Karen Clark

Where women learn about money and make it work for them!


Karen is a Licensed Financial Professional / Speaker/ Mentor Financial freedom is about: ~Making Money ~Saving Money ~Investing Money FFP is for women that are ready to face money fears head on in a supportive environment, so that they can build a stable financial future.


3:15pm to 3:45pm - Monika Marczuk 

Spiritual Body Armoring and Bodymind connection 


In this talk on spiritual body armoring, Monika Marczuk will delve into the concept of Body Armoring its connection with your bodymind and how this seemingly protective state does more harm than good.

Come explore with Monika Marczuk- Professional Holistic Practitioner as she weaves a story unfolding what Body Armoring is, its effects on your health, wellness and life, offering techniques and practices aimed to help restore and strengthen your inner Self.

By understanding what Body Armoring is and its implications in your life, one can take a step on their health journey towards fuller vitality, wellness and rejuvenation.


Monika Marczuk- Professional Holistic Practitioner

ECE, BFA, CBP, Reiki Master, Certified Ho'Oponopono Practitioner, Soul Responsibility Instr.

Co-author of Tap Into Your Natural Healing Power

Columnist for A Beautiful Life Magazine

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